Non-muscle cell movements are essential for many cellular functions, to repair tissues, to fight infection and to orchestrate normal development. The actin cytoskeleton assembles into scaffolds to support the motile machinery of the cell, and the scaffolds are remodeled during cell signaling and dismantled during apoptosis.

Dr. Sun’s main research projects at UT Southwestern focus on the function of lipid kinases that synthesize PIP2 (Phosphatidylinositol Phosphate 5 Kinases and 4 Kinases ) and the regulatory proteins that respond to PIP2, and how proteins can regulate dynamic actin remodeling in response to membrane signaling. Dr. Sun is currently Co-Director of the Imaging Facility within the Department of Physiology.


Graduate School
Fudan University (1977)

Research Interest

  • Membrane signaling
  • Regulation of the cell cytoskeleton


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